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Hello! So, we know things are a little crazy right now in the world of Covid-19 and we know need to stay home, but you still need your avos, so…. our avos aren’t in season right now, ┬ábut we have partnered with All Aussie Avocados to get you awesome avocados to your door. The first lot are from the Grove Family in Gympie and they are the Sir Prize variety. We know you are going to love them as much as you love ours. The same rules apply and we guarantee them for you. If they’re not perfect we’ll refund or replace them. We are using our website at this stage to offer one off deliveries but we are working away behind the scenes to bring you a brand new Avo Club website which should be ready to launch in the next couple of weeks with one off and subscription options. So stay tuned for that, but for now click below to get the avo goodness at your door.

20% off Barham Avocados

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