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We are in between varieties at the moment. The Hass are now finished and we are hoping the Reed might be ready before Christmas! While we are waiting for the Reed to be ready,  we have some fabulous T-shirts available which are perfect for Christmas presents as well as the very cool OXO Avocado cutter.



One of the things we really enjoy about being able to buy your avocados via the net and mail order is that we know the $’s are going directly to you, it’s just like buying at a farmer’s market – only better as it is right in our lounge room.  We give you top points for having a go at online sales.  You have a truly great product and such fast, easy delivery – who could want more.  You will most certainly be hearing from us again. Terry and Shane 

Thank you for the most delicious avocados, I can’t believe how yummy they are, this is my second order and I will never buy them from any where else again. Jacinta x