about the farm

Our Story

Barham Avocados’ avos are pesticide free, grown with love and picked by hand. At Barham Avocados, we love our job: working hard to produce fruit grown to the very highest standards in the country. And we think our avos are the most delicious ones around!

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Avocado Oil

Avo Oil

Barham Avocados’ Avo Oil (250mL bottle) is cold-pressed onsite at our family-run orchard in southern NSW.  We use carefully-selected avocados to ensure the finest quality oil.  Avocado oil can be used on salads and in dressings, for cooking and topically as a beauty product.

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Avocado Farm

The First Plants

People often ask us why we grow avocados and I just love being able to tell them the story so I thought I would share it here with you. Horseshoe Bend is my family farm. It was purchased by Dad’s father, Hal Warne, in the early 70s and when Mum and Dad finished their university…
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