What’s with the “Bacon”?


So, I thought I’d give you a little bit of background about the Bacon avocados and I’ve made this little video for you so you can see how to tell when a Bacon is ready to eat. The Bacon avos aren’t really found in the supermarkets any more so I thought I’d give you a little bit of extra advice with how to handle them.

The Bacon are a bit of a “sensitive” variety of avocado. They have a thin skin and they don’t go black when they are ripe, so it’s a little bit harder to tell when they are ready. But don’t worry I am here to help!

As you probably now know, avocados don’t ripen until you pick them so there is no exact time frame to when they will be ready, but with practice it get’s easy to pick it.

When you get your Bacon avocados they will be very firm because they are just picked and because they are picked mid Winter, they take a bit longer to ripen than one of the summer varieties. This is basically because temperature is the biggest factor in ripening.

So expect the Bacon to take 2 weeks to ripen from when they arrive with you.

The Bacon need to be really soft all over and not just at the surface level, they need to be soft all the way through. So if one part feels soft but another feels hard, keep waiting! I know this can be excruciating but its well worth it.


  1. Remember avos don’t ripen till they are picked!
  2. The Bacon will take around 2 weeks to ripen
  3. Bacon do not go black when ripe they stay bright green
  4. Don’t cut them too early, be patient! Wait until they are soft all over.

Oh and don’t forget if they all ripen at once just pop them in the fridge! The Bacon won’t last that long once they’re ripe!

Please let us know how you go with the Bacon, what do you think of the flavour and did you find this helpful for knowing when they were ready to eat?

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Here’s my little video all about the Bacon – hope you enjoy it!


Thanks so much for watching and I’d love to hear if you have any more questions.

Katrina x