SirPrize!!!! Avos now and the Avo Club is coming

Introducing the Avocado Club! 

What a crazy time in the world right now. We hope you’re all staying safe and well during this strange time.  

During these times, we want to make life (slightly) easier. We know that supermarkets have become a bit of a nightmare, and that all Australians (us included!) are visiting them much less frequently. We wanted to let you know that if you’re used to delicious, fresh and regular (!) avocadoes – we’re here to help!

Year-round avocados… delivered to your door 

Barham Avocados is going to be bringing you the best quality avocados from around Australia, delivered straight to your door. 

For a while now (pre Covid-19!), we’ve been trying to work out how we can get you avocados form around Australia all year round. Did you know that avocados are actually in season all year round in Australia in different places at different times? 

So we thought, what about if we could co-ordinate getting you these avocados so you could have a year round supply of good quality, guaranteed avocados? 

Introducing ‘The Avo Club’ 

We’re very close to launching our new ‘Avo Club’ service, to do just that but – meantime we wanted to bring you avos right now. 

One, because we know you need them and two,  because there are growers who are struggling to sell their precious fruit which is ready now, because of the Coronavirus and the shutting of restaurants and food service industries. So we want to help! 

[Order your first tray online now.]   

Introducing the ‘Sir Prize’ avocado 

The avocados that are in season at the moment come from the gorgeous Grove Family in Gympie, Queensland. 

The Grove family grow theSir Prize avocado, which is native to Mexico, and ripens early in the season (now). People love the Sir Prize for its excellent seed to flesh ratio (basically, a very small seed and lots of the good stuff you can eat!) 

Yes please! Get me avos!

If you’re sick of missing out on the best fresh produce down at your local supermarket – or maybe, like many of us, you’ve stocked up on food for a few weeks – head over to our shop pageand place your order now.

As always, if you’re not 100% happy we will refund or send you some more. 

What next? 

We’ll be launching our new website ‘The Avo Club’ in the next week or two. When we do, you’ll be able to sign up for an avocado subscription. You’ll get access to all manner of varieties from growers across Australia – so stay tuned!  

Remember, we love hearing from you! If you’ve made a particularly delicious or inspired avo-recipe, let us know via email or social media! We always love to see your photos, videos and recipes! 

Stay well,  

The Barham Avos Team