6 of THE Best Avocados you will ever eat!


We are back! Reed avocados are back online. You can order the beautiful Reed avocados now for delivery in the third week of December – just in time for Christmas!  The Reed variety is Barham Avocados’ premium variety and one of the most extraordinary, full-flavoured avocados you will ever taste. It’s the Myers family’s personal favourite! You will not find a bigger, better avocado anywhere (well we don’t think you will anyway!) The perfect gift for the foodie lover or that hard to buy for person. Order now to have them arrive in time for Christmas.


Dec – Jan

Ripening Time

8 – 12 Days

Tree Hanging Time

12 – 14 Months

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Product Details

The Reed avocado is a large round, emu egg-shaped fruit that is deliciously creamy and exceptionally flavorful. The Reed is available from late December to early February: perfect for summer salads, breakfasts, or as a snack on the run. The Reed ranges from 200 to 500 grams. It has a thick green skin with slight pebbling, making it super easy to peel. Inside, its flesh is deliciously creamy. A Reed is ripe when it yields slightly to a gentle squeeze. A Reed is ripe when it yields slightly to a gentle squeeze.

Tips for Storage & Usage

The Reed avocado is biggest of all the avocados we grow, so you’ll need a little more space for storage. We recommend ripening your avocados naturally at room temperature in a fruit bowl, for around 10 to 15 days. They’re so delectable that it’s unlikely you’ll have any left in the fruit bowl once they’ve ripened, but, on the rare chance that you do, transferring them to the fridge may prolong their life for one to two weeks. Reeds tend to last even longer than other varieties in the fridge. The Reed’s skin may look a little scarred when ripe, but they will generally keep their original colour, darkening only a little. Their skin may also feel a little loose when ripe – a sure fire sign to start gobbling!

The Reed avocado is best enjoyed in all its glory, as the hero of a dish! Drizzle with a simple dressing of Barham Avocados Avo Oil, salt and pepper and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Yummo! Or, smash half a Reed onto a piece of toasted sourdough bread, top with a poached egg and green Tabasco sauce and a sprinkling of fennel seeds for an insanely nutrient-packed, decadent way start to the day.

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