The Family Pack Big Box (Hass)


A big box of avos weighing 10kg with around 35-40 delicious Hass Avocados of mixed sizes and some skin markings.

The Hass are almost ready and you can start ordering now! We will be posting them out from Monday the 21st of August and they’ll be in season for about 6-8 weeks (depending on how many we find once we start picking!)

Our avocado boxes include avos of all shapes and sizes because that’s how fruit is – BUT the quality on the inside, well that will still be perfect!

All the avocados are picked and packed on Monday and Tuesday each week to ensure they have time to get to you before the weekend. You’ll receive an email notification when they are on their way.

Go ahead and make that order,  we know you’ll be saying things like “We have just eaten our first half of one avocado which we purchased from you and want you to know that it is the best we have EVER eaten” Bam.

This item is only available to customers in Victoria, NSW and ACT.

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June – January

Ripening time

10-15 days

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About Deliveries

This year you can order our awesome avos as many times as you like without having to lock in to a subscription. We will notify you when each variety is ready so you can jump on and order. The timing for each variety is roughly as follows:

July – Bacon
August – Fuerte
September – Hass
October – Hass
January – Reed
February – Reed

About the Hass


The Hass is the most popular avocado in Australia and the most common variety found on supermarket shelves. It is an oval-shaped fruit with a small to medium seed and it is best picked from August through to November. The Hass is super delicious and very easy to peel.

A Hass avocado has a distinctive skin that is rougher than other varieties, it is ripe when the dark green skin has deepened in colour to aubergine or royal purple.

Tips for Storing & Eating the Hass

Did you know that avocados do not ripen until they are picked? And because we send
them to you within 24 hours of picking, they will take about 7-10 days to ripen.
With some varieties the skin will darken to a purplish-black colour when ripe. This is not the case with the Fuerte variety; it will stay a deep green. You’ll know when the Fuerte is ready to eat when the avocado is quite soft to touch over the entire surface. Don’t be tempted to open it too early! If some spots still feel hard, wait another day.
The beauty of buying direct from us is that only a couple of hands will have
touched your fruit so your little beauties will remain bruise-free.
The Hass is the most robust of the avocado varieties, hence its popularity
with supermarkets. When stored above 15ºC the Hass avocado will usually
take between 10 and 15 days to ripen.
The Hass avocado will go a dark purple colour when ripe which makes it a lot easier to tell when it’s ready to eat! It should also yield to gentle pressure.