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Q. Where can avocados be sent to?

We cannot post to South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions. We also do not post to the Northern Territory or QLD.

We post to Vic, NSW and ACT customers and our gift packs can be sent to Vic, NSW, ACT.

Q. Why aren’t you offering subscriptions this year?

This year we’ve decided to try something different and rather than having people lock in to subscriptions, you can order avocados when ever you like! We will notify our database as soon as each variety is ready. Please get in touch and let us know what you think!

Q. Will my avocados be ripe when they arrive?

No. We send all of our avocados out ‘hard green’. Avocados do not begin to ripen until they are off the tree and we send them within a day or two of being picked. The avos will generally take between 7 – 10 days to ripen when they arrive if they’re stored at room temperature.

Q. How will my avocados be sent to me?

We use Australia Post to deliver the avocados to you. We use Australia Post boxes and the avocados are packed in using a recyclable, biodegradable air cushion to ensure they are safe and sound.

Q. When will I receive my avocados?

When available in the shop, all orders are posted out on Monday and Tuesday of each week. You will be notified by email when your avocados are on the way.

The season usually looks like this:

July – Bacon
August – Fuerte
September – Hass
October – Hass

January – Reed
February – Reed

Note, this is subject to change depending on seasonal conditions. We will advise subscribers via email of any changes.

Q. If all the avocados arrive at once won’t they all be ready at once, how will I manage them all?

We suggest that it is best to let them ripen up in the fruit bowl until almost ripe and then pop some in the fridge and take them out a day or two before you need them. They won’t ripen any more while in the fridge and once ripe they will last up to about two weeks in the fridge so you can take them out as you need them.

You’ll also receive a flyer on each variety with storage and ripening guidelines when you receive your email notification when your order leaves the farm.

If you leave them in the fruit bowl they will ripen up naturally in 7-10 days depending on the temperature and variety.

Q. I am interested in purchasing avocados for a present for relatives is this possible?

YES! We love when people give our avocados as presents. When you order simply send us an email with the special instructions and we can arrange gift wrapping and gift cards and vouchers and all sorts of fun things.

Q. Do you guarantee your avocados?

Yes! Well, for Victorian customers we do. Unfortunately, while we are using Australia Post we just can’t guarantee the NSW and ACT ones. So if you’re in Victoria and for some reason you aren’t happy with your delivery then please contact us within 48 hours and we will happily replace them or refund you if you can provide proof of the date of delivery and photographic evidence. Drop us a note and we’ll sort something out!

Q. What is the best way to store my avocados?

The best way to store the avocados is in the fruit bowl and in the fridge when ripe if you’re not ready to use them. If you find they ripen all at once you can pop some in the fridge and they will last a week to ten days. You may find some discoloration on the outside after being in the fridge but we find they are still perfect on the inside.  Lots of our long-time customers have their own little methods (from putting half in the fridge and half in the bowl, or all in the fridge and pulling out a couple at a time) so come and join in the conversation on Facebook and work out your own method!

Q. Can I pay via direct bank transfer?

No, unfortunately we can only accept payment via our online store.

Q. Are my payments secure and confidential?

Yes, absolutely. We use Paypal as well as Pin Payments to process our payments securely  – it is a locally-founded, reputable company with a secure payment system.


Q. Do you have a farm gate shop?

Yes, we have an honesty box and we are in the process of setting up a new farm gate shop in our brand new shed. We love to have visitors but if possible, please try to phone ahead to let us know you’re coming.

Q. Do you run farm gate tours?

Yes. Farm gate tours can be arranged by contacting Katrina at info@barhamavocados.com.au. Please do make sure to give us plenty of warning as we are busy little beavers!