What have we been up to?

As most of you know, over the past couple of years we haven’t been opening the online shop. Mainly because after having Henry, our FORTH baby, I really just found that I needed to step back a bit from the business and take a bit of a break and work out what we were doing and which direction we wanted to go in. The online shop was a lot of work for me and we felt that for our family unit, the easiest option to take the pressure off for a couple of years was to send our fruit solely through the wholesale market system. We have a really great agent, All Aussie Avocados who we supply in the markets and we supply another buying group, The Avolution as well and that system has been working really well for us. It certainly freed up my time a bit, mind you I’ve managed to fill it in with other things and I’ve been thinking a lot about starting my own business to help other awesome rural women start their own business, among lot’s of other crazy ideas that I have, but that’s another blog post all together.

So it’s been working well and it’s been more simple for Tim and the team from a logistics perspective as well – BUT,  we’ve decided that we really do love selling our fruit direct to you, our fabulous customers online. We love being able to build our brand and share our avos with people directly and now that Henry is getting a bit bigger things are getting easier, plus, we’ve added a new member to the Barham Avos team, Steph Anthony! Steph is my cousin, Nick’s partner and she’s amazing! Steph and Nick moved back up to Barham about 12 months ago and they actually lease part of our new sand hill from us to grow pumpkins, so it’s so lovely to have Steph on board. She’s going to be running the online shop and also helping out on the farm. This means that we can expand the online shop and update our website and we’ve got some other really exciting things planned for next year as well.

Meantime, we’re using our current set up so we can bring you the Reeds in time for Christmas so it’s not all snazzy and new like we’d like it to be yet, but we really want to get them out to you and get Steph up to speed with how running all the online side of things works. We can’t wait to get these beautiful babies on your door and we hope you’re as excited as we are. Thanks so much for checking back in with us and we can’t wait to share the next part of the Barham Avos adventure with you.