Avocado Varieties

6 Reed

With Christmas just around the corner we are so excited to get back into it and pick our premium variety of avocados: the Reed! It’s been a really funny season for us this year in terms of when each variety has been ready for picking. The Reed is the last of the main four varieties that we grow on the farm and it’s our absolute favourite.

We actually have seven different varieties of avocados that we grow on the farm: Hass, Reed, Bacon, Fuerte, Wurtz, Gwen, and Ryan. Worldwide there are more than 500 types, with about 75 varieties grown in Australia. Of our seven types, we only harvest four for commercial sale (Bacon, Fuerte, Hass and Reed) because we’ve only got about five trees for each of the other varieties and we’ve got about 1,500 Hass trees, 800 Reed, 50 Fuerte and 20 Bacon (this paragraph has way more numbers in it than my usual blogs but avocado data is ‘cool’ data, right?!)

The main variety that you will see in Australia now is, of course, the Hass. This is mainly because the industry organisation Australian Avocados has focused on promoting the Hass because it’s the most robust and the easiest of all of the avos to tell when it’s ripe because it darkens in colour. This year our Hass were ready earlier than usual and we picked them all quickly so we could give the trees a rest before the next season’s fruit starts to form. It also meant that we were able to capitalise on higher market prices before a glut of New Zealand fruit entered the market.

With around 800 trees, the Reed is our second biggest variety in terms of volume. It’s not just our favourite, everyone who tastes them falls for them, too.  They look so impressive with their big emu egg-like shape and on the inside they offer a beautiful, creamy flesh. The Reed trees are taller and thinner than the other varieties and sometime their branches get so heavy that they can break off under the weight before they are ready for harvest.

If you haven’t tried one of our Reeds then grab some for Christmas, they make such a special ingredient to fresh, summer meals. We’re positive you’ll love them as much as we do!