Are you flourishing?

You may remember a previous post of mine where I shared my experience of losing my Dad to suicide and my own experience with a bit of depression and anxiety? Well since then I’ve learnt a ton of stuff about how to have good mental health and wellbeing.

I’ve  learnt to meditate and now practice twice every day, I journal, I practice gratitude, I read loads of books, I’ve done courses, I’ve done the Miracle Morning, I do yoga and I exercise regularly and eat loads of avocados (of course, that actually hasn’t changed) and I can honestly say that it really has changed my life.  Well, it hasn’t actually changed my life because my life is really just the same life, but the way I see life is different and that’s the key!  It’s definitely a work in progress and sometimes I I have days were I drop off but I’m always learning and I can honestly say that life is good and I feel great.

All of this has also helped me to get way more focussed on our business and learning new things to do with that rather than being just chaotic and super busy and stuck on a treadmill of craziness. It’s pretty awesome and there is so much stuff I’ve learnt. But –  I remember having no idea where to even start or that there was a whole world out there of helpful mindfulness tools, apps, workshops, books, podcasts, Ted talks etc etc. I didn’t know that there were ways to look after our mind and to exercise it. It’s actually just like physical exercise. There is so much you can do to have a healthy mind. So –  I really want to share what I have learnt with you guys so that you can see what’s out there too!

I must say there really isn’t a one size fits all approach. Some things that have worked for me might work for you and others might not. It’s quite an individual thing, good wellbeing, which makes it tricky, but also fun. I just love trying new things and learning about what’s out there.  So I’ll be adding a wellbeing topic to my blog and it’s going to be all about what I’ve learnt and tips and helpful links or people that have helped me on the path towards flourishing!

Does it all sound a bit weird? I remember I once thought that meditation was just so foreign and not for me as I would never be able to stop my crazy head and all the thoughts, or sit still for 5 minutes! And “gratitude” sounds so, I don’t know, weird or fluffy, but trust me it’s so bloomin’ helpful to practice gratitude. So if you are there going hmm, it all sounds a bit weird to me, I will never be able to meditate, then I hear you. I was there too. But if you’re keen to make some changes, then just start small. Like I said, good mental health is just like good physical health. If you are overweight, crash diets and big ambitions of losing 10kg in a month are unlikely to last and mental health is just the same. There is no quick fix, but it really can be fun and is totally life changing if you’re up for it. And seriously – who doesn’t want to love their life?

So are you flourishing or are you surviving? Martin Seligman explains that the “good life” is pleasant, engaged, meaningful, achieving, and connected. Is that you?

Here’s a couple of things to get you started..

The Power of Vulnerability  – Brene Brown  – Love everything this women puts out there and a good place to start is her amazing TED talk.  I guess it’s what inspires me to share my story and to get stuff out there. By sharing our vulnerabilities and our stories, we help others so much. I know myself I LOVE hearing other people’s stories.If you’ve been wanting to share your story or start a blog or start anything – this will give you a kick start!

Happiness is not enough This is a great little article which is an excerpt from Martin Seligman’s  book Flourish It gives a great insight into why we shouldn’t really be aiming for “Happiness” but rather flourishing.

Raw Beauty – I loved this book. I saw Kemi Speak at “Imagine the Possibilities” in Echuca last year and read the book straight after. It’s not too over the top and is just really good guide to how to nourish yourself form the inside out!

Thanks for reading and please send through any questions you might have about avocados, farming or wellbeing as I’d love to answer them. And just to note, I’ll just be sharing things that have helped me and my experiences. But if you think you might be seriously depressed or suffering from anxiety then it’s definitely best to go and see your GP or you can even call Lifeline or the PANDA hot line. Everything I share here is just my experience and what’s worked for me and I hope you might find something for you.