Do you have a dream?


Last Thursday night The Riverina Collective came to Barham for a night of inspiration, laughs and good food. Sixty women at The Long Paddock – sooo cool!

Hayley Purbrick founded The Riverina Collective in Deniliquin last year. The aim was to create “A platform to connect women in Deniliquin and surrounds to showcase the beautiful minds which exist in our own backyard and if it suits, from further abroad”. I LOVE everything about what Hayley is doing.

Emily Wood, Meg Durham, Sarah Sammon (Simply Rose Petals) Me, Rachel Roberston

You all know I am so passionate about community and I believe that when women support each other great things can happen. I love that The Riverina Collective is creating a platform for women to do just that – support each other!

The events have a different topic each time and the topic this time was “Dare to Dream”.

Wendy McDonald opened the night, telling us all about her journey from the city to the country after marrying a rice farmer and the amazing adventure she has been on to establish her art studio and become an award-winning artist. Wendy is incredible and her story is so inspiring.

Next was a panel discussion with myself, Rachel Robertson and Emily Wood of RemLifestyle.

We talked about what we’d done, what we’d overcome, the importance of community and the importance of taking care of yourself and getting yourself to thriving so you can achieve your dreams and support those around you.

Meg Durham finished off the night with a fabulous presentation about her journey and her quest to bring wellbeing education in to schools.

A key focus on the night was the need for self-care and to improve our own wellbeing so we can achieve our dreams.

I hope we have many more of these amazing events and I hope that you can start to take some steps on your journey to flourishing.

In terms of what my dream is, well I’ve got a few, but here goes:

I dream that we can develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that will propel rural Australia forward and ensure a sustainable future for all of us living in the country.

I dream that my kids will grow up surrounded by positivity in a community that celebrates success and encourages them to flourish and I am going to do my best to help make that happen.

What’s your dream? I’d love to hear.


Katrina x


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