The season is upon us…

I am so looking forward to starting this season again. We’ve had a lovely off-season and have been busy with maintenance of the orchard and lots of planning for avos and houses!

It’s been nice to have some catch up time. On the work front I’ve been working on my time management; prioritising and planning for the next season; getting the website up-to-date; researching dips and other products; and working out how we can market the avo oil better. But it’s also been nice to have lots of lovely family time and just hang out with the kids.





Tim’s been busy in the orchard still getting things up to date and maintaining everything. The place just looks fantastic. We’re going to plant some more trees later in the year too, just replacement ones. We had to pull some of the original trees out as they were dying and not producing much. It was quite sad to see them go but it’s also going to be lovely to have more new babies. We left a couple of rows of the originals as we couldn’t part with all of them.

Farm House
The old Farm House that we will move into

We’ve also been getting ready for the reno on the farm house. Mum is building a new house on the farm and it’s this super cool sustainable design from LifeHouse Design architects. It should be finished in about a month and then we are going to renovate the farm house a bit and move in there. We’re going to do a kitchen reno so I’ve been very busy choosing bench tops and tiles and ovens and it’s been heaps of fun! I love interior design and it is so lovely to be able to work on doing our own place. I cannot wait to move out the farm and get stuck into everything. I am imagining a beautiful kitchen garden, chooks, lots of cooking for friends and family and lots of laughing. The kids are going to love it too, they are so ready to be out there running around and jumping on the hay bales. Tim has made a start on their new cubby house in the trees and they are really ready to be out and about at the farm.

We’ve got a couple of exciting things coming up for later in the year too. Our Reed avos and the Avo Oil are finalists again in the Delicious Produce Awards which is very exciting – 4 year in a row! We’re also off to Peru in September for the World Avocado Congress which should be pretty awesome.

I can’t wait to send out avocados to everyone again this year for you all to enjoy and I’ll keep you up to date with our moves to the farm.

Here are some of my favourite kitchen inspiration ideas for our new kitchen at the farm, would love to hear what you think and who you look to for inspiration.

Timber Island

Kip and Co kitchen