The New Year


A big Happy New Year to all!

There’s something really special about the start of the new year. I love that feeling of new beginnings and the anticipation of what’s in store for the year ahead. It kind of feels like hitting the reset button to me. It’s a chance to just regroup and take stock and think about where we are in life, before we head on in to a whole new year.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what my priorities are and the juggle of family and business and how to make it all work smoothly for everyone. I’ll be trying to do less and focus more (not easy for one with a busy head) and just trying to find that happy place. My sister wrote a really good blog post about this recently if you want to check it out here.

This year will be another big one for us. We are going to be moving out of town and onto the farm – into the house where I grew up. Mum has still been living in the farmhouse since we moved home but her new house is just about finished. She’s building a really cool house with a sustainable design by Lifehouse Design architects in Castlemaine which should be finished by late April. We cannot wait to get out there. It will be so lovely for the kids to grow up on the farm and so great for Tim in terms of management as there is always something that needs doing out there so this will be much easier for him.

I’m also going to be trialling a new avocado dip! We’ll be taking it to farmers’ markets and giving away free samples to get feedback from people so look out for that one.

Our oldest daughter Daisy, is also going to be starting school which is so exciting. She can’t wait and it is going to be so much fun seeing her learn and grow.

I’ll also be trying to keep everyone updated as much as possible with happenings on the farm and fun things we are up to. If anyone has any requests of things they’d like to see or something they’d like more information on then please do let me know.

I hope you’ve had a chance to stop and think about where you are and what’s happening with your life and what your priorities are for the year ahead.

Here’s to a fabulous year filled with lots of great moments and lots of fun!